Friday, October 24, 2014

Pies and Progress

Yummy pepper steak pie. 

That's my lunch for today.
Yes, this post is going to be a load of gibberish, but that is how my brain works.
Pretty much.

Over the past few days, I have made contact with a few new gems that I am proud to add to my continuously growing group of friends. I have always been one for surrounding myself with any different types of souls. I feel you learn so much more. Considering each one of them has had a different life - with different perceptions and happenings that have occurred - that have moulded them into the people they are now.

I truly, find it fascinating. The progression of a human, that is.
Just to explain this a little more;

You are born. You grow up. Each context is different, but there can be spot on identical life situations that parties have to face. Each with their own outcome.
It fascinates me how a person who has grown up without a father figure can become a gentlemen on one side of the spectrum, and another could be a complete socio-path and abuser.

It is unbelievably irksome when you are put into a box. Just because you are Type A, doesnt mean you cant have Type B tendencies.

I personally, am a very caring, loving ,understanding and patient person. With some people
With others, I can be aggressive, impatient,insulting and short.
There are two very distinct sides to my personality, either of which is brought out in a certain social context.

You cannot put me into a box. You cannot categorise me. So why try? 

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