Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Common sense is not so common any more. The age of initiative is dead. Fucking dead.

Common sense is not so common any more. The age of initiative is dead. Fucking dead. 

WHY,do we have to steer individuals in the right direction. What the heck happened to the MORAL COMPASS? 

Can one not deduce right from wrong? Good from bad?
Does everyone have to be spoon fed?
Does your mother still wipe your ass at the age of 25?

That is the impression I get of today's society.

The one thing my mother always told me was; use your initiative! (as well as cover your ass, but that's beside the point).
Just think - and if you cant think, well, donate your brain to science, you are an anomaly. (there are exceptions of course - but you all knew that,right?)

Welcome to the age of stupidity. Where everyone's sense of autonomy is at an all time high, with no fucking purpose. Seriously, oxygen thieves, could you try not drive like a wally, and to those of you who still think sarcasm is a form of wit, kindly die?

What ever happened to logical debates? Conversations with substance?
Don't get me wrong, sometimes I 'troll' the internet to just piss people off - but they always deserve it.

I love animals more than humans, so may some strong spirit protect you if you have a hunting page.
(Again, please note I understand that hunting helps culling - but to have every Tom,Dick and Harry doing it for a sport - kinda goes against what conservation is trying to achieve).

SPEAK YOUR MIND! The truth hurts, but it's all we really have left to differentiate ourselves form the hordes of troglodytes. 

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