Monday, October 20, 2014

Who would have THOUGHT!?

It has finally come to this: a blog about my thoughts. 

Some have said it helps organise the disorder in my cranium, I say it'll make an awesome blog.

I cannot guarantee everyone will enjoy what I have to say: but I suppose this is not the blog for 'people-pleasing'.

I am honest,possibly too honest,if there is such a thing.
As a result,I often get in trouble for speaking my mind.
I feel being honest, in every situation, is a must. Those around you know where they stand with you. I think it makes life simpler.

Again,that may be just me.  

I suppose a proper introduction of myself is in order;

Hi,my name is Caid. (Like Jade,but with a 'C'). (I am also a freelance alternative model - the above picture is me :) )
I am all of 24 years of age, albeit I feel like I am about to turn 92.
I have a degree, a double major in Industrial Psychology and Marketing. Although, I really wanted to study Genetics and Microbiology.

My interests are vast and wide; I am a philisopher, biologist, artist and networker. (To name a few)

I am the online business unit manager,blogger and SEO agent for NameBadgeSA (go check them out, and this is where I spend my Monday - Friday (8-5).

Enough about ME though. 

By starting this blog, I am allowing myself to voice my thoughts to the world, and possibly find like minded individuals. I love debating, and generally learning from others.

MAYBE,this will be the place for it?