Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Call to Action!

It sometimes really amazes me how closed minded some individuals can be. Caustic really.
I find myself in arguments with people all the time for this reason - and I end up walking away hurt and disappointed because everything I have said has fallen upon deaf ears.

If only people could understand, I am coming from a good place. 

The world is made up of roughly 8.2 billion autonomous beings - most of which live by the code 'ignorance is bliss'

Maybe I envy their simplistic view of life, not having an all encompassing view on it.

To be honest it just angers me. 

If you close your mind to what is really going on out there - how can one make an informed decision?
I understand that being selfish sometimes is a good thing - protects one from being used and abused by the general masses, but you cannot live life thinking you are the only soul out there.

Everything and every one is part of a cycle.
If a link doesnt work, the chain breaks.

We are all working parts of a whole. 

Wake up humanity! Let's start collaborating, creating brain hives!
We need this. 

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