Monday, July 20, 2015

Drumtime PRESENTS: Kiddies Outdoor Festival

A creative, inspirational space for children, is the vision Helena Gerrard had for the Outdoor Kids Festival she held this past weekend.

Boy oh boy, did she deliver.

Beautiful tie-dyed stretched canvas's adorned the Mount Moreland Community Park, leading you to the area where young ones would be taught how to mosaic, dance with poi, do yoga and drum!

Bubbles and laughter filled the air.

Mathina Tasker from VibeMasters,started the day off with some Poi Dancing. The kids had great fun in the sunlight, watching Tina's stunning poi creations move in the wind.

Sara Jackson and Jason Whyte, from the Art Collective, with some time to spare, got mosaic packages ready for mirror-making. With toddlers and youngsters running to free seats, the creative process started. Each youngster was given a pack of tiles and glue, with an already mounted mirror on a board. Sara and Jason didnt have to do much explaining before the kids started putting their master pieces together! After waiting for the glue to dry and the grouting was complete, each child had a mirror, created by them, to take home!

The day was not over though!

Time for Helena Gerrard, of Drumtime, to show her stuff.

Each little one gets a bongo drum to work with, while Helena tells them amazing stories. Using these stories, she creates a platform for the childrem to grasp rhythms on their drums. It's not only teaching amazing motor mechanics, but it brings out the social aspect as well. Highly entertained, the kiddies are left to run amok in the park, with slides, jungle gyms and swings to keep them occupied.

We didnt forget the parents either!

Wendy O'Grady from Shapes of Africa was stocked, and ready to provide to the adult masses, with her bar. All beverages,alcoholic or not, as well as tea and coffee for the parents who needed a caffeine boost!

It was an unforgettable day for all the families that came, and I, personally, cannot wait for the next one!

Check out BehindtheScene Photography for images from the day!

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