Monday, September 21, 2015

Let's Inspire Campaign!

Sitting in my office, sipping a cup of tea, I stumbled apon a thought that I has pushed to the back of my mind for some time.

I have always been one for community upliftment, and helping those that stereotypes tend to ostracise. So when this thought came back to the forefront of my mind, I became quite excited.

I have been dabbling with the idea of a SOLORENEUR AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, primarily focusing on the hard working souls in Durban, and ultimately giving the lime light to those who deserve it across the country.

I named my campaign the 'LET'S INSPIRE' campaign, as that is what the individuals I wish to showcase have done for me. They have inspired me.

Being the founder of Spliced Media, is an amazing feeling. I own something, that I am passionate about, and no one can change that. The trials and tribulations of such an honor are tantemount,however, and a sense of intrinsic motivation is very neccessary. Sometimes I feel hopeless, sometimes I feel very overwhelmed. The idea that I, and I alone have to run all departments of this entity I have created can be daunting. For the people I am showcasing, their passion shines through, no matter their circumstance, and this makes me strive even harder.

I want to share this feeling with everyone out there. For those of you who have become complacent, who have given up on your dreams, who believe the formal rat race is the only beneficial one out there, I hope this inspires you to take the leap.

I will be bringing into focus several solopreneurs, people like myself, who are doing it all, despite the odds against them. They will be interviewed, they will be photographed, and I surely hope they are remembered as beacons of INSPIRATION.

Look out for more on my campaign, and LET'S INSPIRE!   

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