Friday, August 14, 2015

On Fire Comedy, literally.

So, Wednesday night I was invited to an Open Mic event for comedians, organised by On Fire Comedy, at Amsterdam Pub. The place was packed to the brim, of course, it was a FREE show in Durban. HA!

Anyone who wanted to try strut their stuff on stage, was welcomed with open arms.

Our MC of the evening was none other than Shannon Rice, awesome friend, and an even better comedian.

Let me give you some insight into Shannons' comedic abilities; But first, hide your girlfriends!

Imagine a Cheetah on Ecstacy - running through the veld, trying to show some love to a gazelle. The gazelle clearly doesn't want to be his friend for fear of anihilation, darting away, but the Cheetah screams for a hug!

That, is the sort of story that Shannon Rice brings to life when he gets up on stage, and I love it! Trust me when I say, so did everyone else. He is super animated, and all of his jokes are easily relatable, drawing inspiration from his every day environments. Dont even get me started on his impromptu stuff - damn he is quick on his toes.

Introducing each one of the acts, one began to see the insane amount of talent that our little dorpie holds.

Some of the Comics that gave it a shot last night, where:








Each had his own unique style, and still managed to erupt the audience into laughter, even though the crowd was pretty darn noisey. You guys rock!

The amazing thing about going to these events, is just that you never know if you are going to be watching the next Barry Hilton or Trevor Noah - all are stars in the making.

Overall, the night was a GREAT success, and Im sure many more will happen after this. If you are brave enough, look out for the next OPEN MIC event, and get up on stage! More gatherings like this need to happen - I take my hat off to Amsterdam, On Fire Comedy, Shannon and all the other comedians, for the belly aching laughter! What a night!

Be sure not to miss the next big gig with Dusty Rich on the 26th of August! It's going to be a cracker!

Also, check out the On Fire Comedy page on Facebook for updates on other up and coming, side splitting events.

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